Is Quality Paint Worth The Money?

Is Quality Paint Worth The Money?

Is Quality Paint Worth The Money?

Does It Make Any Sense to Buy Up and Go with an Expensive Quality Paint?

In general, quality paint generally has bigger price tags, but not always. You get what you pay for, is the saying, but that is not quite true here. You will notice that cheaper paints just don't cover as well and require more coats. When painting several rooms, you will soon realize that the cheaper paint will use more gallons than the expensive ones. You can buy more paint for less money and paint the room twice as long with the cheaper paint. All that you shall do is simply add it to any interior or exterior painting that might be planned.


Why Quality Paint Is Worth the Cost?

Why some paints are more expensive than others? You may be floored by the price of paint per gallon if you are new to this industry. Keep in mind the many benefits that quality paints can bring. You will realize that the price difference between poor and more costly paint is not as huge as you considered. The additional cost per gallon might very well be worth it. Benefits include:

Less Coats Will Save Money and Time


Cheaper paints are made with less of the essential materials that go into quality paints. Something one would, perhaps, understand better by doing it themselves rather than reading an explanation of it is that the paint of higher quality will be thicker and its coverage more even. The opposite will happen with paint of lower quality. Primer + paint? No such thing. It's a coat of paint, only thicker, and it doesn't cover like good paint.

Number Of Coats

When good quality paint is used, most painting jobs require only 1 to 2 coats. If you are using cheap grade paints, you may need twice or even thrice the number of paint coats to get the same result as that from using good quality paint. This is more prominent if you are painting over darker shades. The use of good quality paint to avoid these extra coats can bring down your total material cost.

Time Involved

The good paint, applied in fewer coats, translates to fewer hours spent painting. It takes less time to wait for the paint to dry after applying only 2 coats. The better paint gets you done with a room quicker. Time is money.

Total Cost

With better coverage, fewer layers, and time saved, one can easily make a case for the cheapness over the long haul of a high-quality paint versus a lower-quality paint. Large painting jobs add up quickly with regard to the number of gallons one will need. If the quality paint costs half as much, but twice as much cheaper paint is used then it may seem that the cost is the same. When you factor in the time, it's not true.


Yet another difference we haven't discussed between expensive and cheaper paint. Besides covering all the other items we've discussed in this article, cheaper paints use less material. This also affects durability. In fact, many customers ask about durability when they inquire about paint. Quality paint may mean more than merely the capacity to fade over time. It could also be resistant to fingerprints, stains, and nose marks. Quality paints are more resistant to these scenarios compared to cheap paint. But we will concede that no paint is going to be able to stand up to someone or something drilling a hole into the wall.

We hope we have answered any questions you might have about the advantages of choosing quality paint instead of an inexpensive one. Knowing the differences between paints will help you decide which paint is best for you, whether you hire a contractor or do the job yourself.

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